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The Mindset

Here’s what wealthy people know, that you don’t. They deploy capital with a ton of really smart people. They know how to analyze deals and they have other people around them who can educate them or help them bridge the gap in areas they don’t understand. Because there are only so many hours in the day, and only so many things you can be great at, passive investors are focused on being great at their craft, and deploying capital with other very intelligent active investors in other assets. Ultimately, this gives them more scale, diversification, and control over their financial future.

Do you know what stops people from investing more? Knowledge and time.

You don’t need to be a master, you just need to be sophisticated/educated.

You need three things to be successful in investing: knowledge, time, and capital. If you are here, you are likely already successful in your career or business- or on your way. You have the capital to invest, but you don't have time to be a truly successful active investor, therefore you need to be knowledgeable in order to make better passive investing decisions.



TL;DR: My name is Samson Jagoras. I am an investor, entrepreneur, real estate guy, a person that genuinely loves the game of business, a guy that loves people and leading towards a common goal. If you are an entrepreneur, investor, or business professional and you are trying to navigate these...



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In the chart above, the great investor and billionaire Hedge fund manager Ray Dalio has laid out 18 stages in the rise and decline of economic powers. Although I try not to place all my faith in anyone...


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This week’s issue is a little bit different than the previous three, however, it is very relevant to all future-proof entrepreneurs. This week we are talking about Leadership which is imperative in today’s decentralized, work-from-home world.

How can we be great leaders under the new...

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