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Meet Samson

Hi - I'm Samson, a former Commodities Broker, sales/marketing professional, Strategist & recovering C-Level Executive. Once upon a time, I was completely unfulfilled in my career & hesitant to walk away from a $200k + salary & equity in a company that I helped build from the ground up. But truth be told, I was dying inside. Now I buy & build businesses & so can you.

Do you want to buy a business but don't know where to start? Maybe you have an idea you want to turn into a business or your business is stuck & you need a breakthrough. Follow along, to learn how to turn pain into massive profit so that you can stop slaving away at a job you hate, & take your entrepreneurial game to the next level on your path to building a meaningful and fulfilled life.

Pssst!! There are 2.34M baby boomer-owned businesses & 58% of them do not have a transition plan. Opportunity is coming to buy businesses on the cheap as boomers age out.


TL;DR: My name is Samson Jagoras. I am an investor, entrepreneur, real estate guy, a person that genuinely loves the game of business, a guy that loves people and leading towards a common goal. If you are an entrepreneur, investor, or business professional and you are trying to navigate these...



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In the chart above, the great investor and billionaire Hedge fund manager Ray Dalio has laid out 18 stages in the rise and decline of economic powers. Although I try not to place all my faith in anyone...


There were 3 outcomes possible from last week's important...


This week’s issue is a little bit different than the previous three, however, it is very relevant to all future-proof entrepreneurs. This week we are talking about Leadership which is imperative in today’s decentralized, work-from-home world.

How can we be great leaders under the new...