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Growth Vue Properties

Structured Passive Apartment investments. Our approach is conservative and risk-averse. We buy a specific type of asset, at a specific size, in a specific type of market that caters to the largest segment of renters-workforce housing. As an asset class, large commercial multifamily is innately risk-averse due to the size and scale. Simply put, large commercial apartments are diversified cash flow machines because they are more operationally more efficient. When an apartment has more units it enhances the economics by lowering management, maintenance, and marketing costs, and insulating the property from vacancy & market fluctuations. Additionally, we only buy properties that are in strong cities with diverse economies, low unemployment, strong population growth, good schools, low crime, strong income growth, and 100 units or more in size. In turn, we gain access to superior lending, non-recourse debt, and professional property management who care for our properties.